Information on the project

Moving towards resource efficient and cleaner production in Bosnia and Herzegovina

The overall objective of the project is to improve the resource productivity and environmental performance of businesses and other organizations in Bosnia and Herzegovina, thereby contributing to sustainable industrial development, and thus employment and income generation.

The project is designed to foster expertise, service delivery capacity and implementation of RECP practices and policies in the country, building on UNIDO’s experience in supporting National Cleaner Production Programmes (NCPPs) and Centres (NCPCs), in collaboration with UNEP, under the global joint RECP Programme.

The project contributes to improve the resource environmental performance of businesses and other organizations in Bosnia and Herzegovina. With the application of a systematic RECP approach, the project aims to provide:

  • Training to national experts on UNIDO’s RECP methodology
  • Assessment services to companies
  • Information dissemination and awareness raising

RECP Services will help Bosnia and Herzegovina to:


Since the mid-1990s, UNIDO and the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) have collaborated to foster the global uptake of resource efficient and cleaner production. Under the joint flagship Resource Efficient and Cleaner Production (RECP) programme, UNIDO and UNEP have responded to countries’ growing demand for help with delivering RECP services to industries by assisting organizations – especially small and medium-sized enterprises, governments, civil society research institutions and related stakeholders — in over 60 developing and transition economies. Together with partner governments and an initial core of RECP service providers, in 2010 UNIDO and UNEP established a global network – RECPnet. Since then, the global network has grown from 41 founding members to over 70 members and has sharpened its focus and operations to better meet increasing demand from industry.


Government institutions, academia, companies from selected industries and national experts in Bosnia and Herzegovina.


The impact and results of the NCPP in Bosnia and Herzegovina include:

  • A team of highly-qualified national experts trained in UNIDO’s RECP methodology
  • Increased awareness of stakeholders in Bosnia and Herzegovina for the need to introduce more environmentally sound production processes to enhance the competitiveness of local industry
  • Growing awareness of national companies on the importance of resource efficiency and its potential to achieve costs savings
  • Provision of RECP assessment services to companies and upgrading of employee skills and know-how
  • Growing scientific potential at universities and the involvement of national universities in international RECP related programmes
  • Safer and more efficient working conditions
  • Improved company image due to environmentally friendly production (corporate social responsibility) and improved relations with environmental authorities
  • Potential to become a member of the UNIDO/UNEP global network of NCPCs, which facilitates networking and the exchange of expertise and know-how with similar centres across the world and especially in South and Eastern Europe

At a glance

PROJECT: National Cleaner Production Programme (NCPP): Bosnia and Herzegovina


SDGs: 9, 12, 17

COUNTERPART: Ministry of Foreign Trade and Economic Relations

DURATION: First phase – 1 year (2015-2016); Planned second phase – 1 year (2016-2017)

DONOR: Slovenia