Study Tour 23rd-26th October in Slovenia – Resource Efficient and Cleaner Production Programme Bosnia and Herzegovina

The Study Tour took place in Republic of Slovenia in period from 23rd to 26th October 2017 and brought together 14 representatives from different sectors in Bosnia and Herzegovina, as follows: “Klas” Sarajevo (bakery industry), “Elas” Banja Luka (metal processing industry), “Prijedorčanka” Banja Luka (fruit processing industry), “Menprom” Doboj (poultry slaughterhouse and processing), “Colorit” Banja Luka (manufacturing of paints), “International Airport” Sarajevo (service industry), “Prevent” Sarajevo (textile industry), “Kakanj Cement” Kakanj (cement industry), Regional landfill “Mošćanica” Zenica (waste management), Regional landfill “Depot” Banja Luka (waste management), Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Republic of Srpska and Chamber of Economy of Federation of BiH as well as two NCPP representatives from Sarajevo and Banja Luka.

Study Tour was organized by UNIDO, in partnership with the International and National RECP Consortium. The focus was on exploring innovative and novel approaches to RECP through the exchange of best practices, success stories and replicable solutions.

The specific purpose of the visit was to facilitate technology transfer and business development. It served as a good platform for discussion and exchange of experiences among RECP experts, representatives from institutions and other selected stakeholders.

The tour has involved two components:
1. Visits to industrial companies: SES Lightning, Solvera Lynx, Kronoterm, Glassware Hrastnik, EsoTech, Store Steel, Perutnina Ptuj, as well as waste management center in Ljubljanja – RCERO and Jozef Stefan Institute. Representatives had the opportunity to see examples of good practice in resource efficiency and energy management in different industrial sectors.

2. Matchmaking Session: Representatives of BiH’s companies had the opportunity to exchange experiences with representatives of Slovenian companies of the same or related activities in the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Slovenia

Each component of Tour helped companies to understand the necessity of environmentally sound production process in order to enhance the competitiveness of local industry.

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