Presentation of the NCPP program at the conference “Education for sustainable development of industry ”, QIMSEE HERD Energy Program of Norway, Sarajevo 23-24th of May with participation of the Bentoproduct company (RECP company 1st round of the program) and RECP trainers and National Coordinator

Panell discussion about cooperation of higher education and industry, Conference on Higher Education for Sustainable Development, Mechanical Faculty, University of Sarajevo #QIMSEE. Panelists: prof. Vojislav Novakovic, NTNU, prof.Petar Uskokovic University of Belgrade, prof. Petar Gvero, #UNIDO #RECP trainer, University of Banja Luka, and Nenad Lujic, technical director of the company #Bentoproduct Šipovo who successfully implemented #RECP program at the company level. Contact establishment is important starting point for cooperation. Presentation of capabilities and ideas from university side on how to improve the industrial production should be a next step. Who can play a merging role? Chamber of commerce? Development agencies? University itself?


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