Official Ceremony and Closing Conference – National Cleaner Production Programme Bosnia and Herzegovina

The official ceremony and closing conference of “Moving Towards a Resource Efficient and Cleaner Production in Bosnia and Herzegovina” was held on December 18th in the Radon Plaza Hotel in Sarajevo within the framework of the UNIDO National Cleaner Production Programme Bosnia and Herzegovina.

The objective of the conference was to present the results of the project and grant certificates to the companies and young experts who successfully completed the training programme. Project partners and host institutions attended the ceremony as well as experts from research institutions and academia institutions and representatives of key international and national institutions, including the IFC, the EBRD, EU and respective UN organisations in the country.

From 2015 till 2017 NCPP BiH conducted assessments in 16 enterprises with 2,500 employees operating in the food, textile, printing, metal, construction, wood and service industries in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Since the official launch of the NCCP in 2015 this UNIDO project has achieved the following results:

  • Average savings per company: 212,115 €/a
  • Total decrease of water consumption: 74,000 m3/a equivalent to annual water consumption of approx. 800 households
  • Total decrease in energy consumption: 103,000,000 MJ/ a equivalent to annual electric energy consumption of approx. 6,000 households
  • Total decrease in waste generation: 9,100 t/a
  • Total decrease in CO2 emissions: 43,540 t/a
  • 38 national experts (19 females, 19 male) were trained in RECP.


With the same number of men and women successfully completing the RECP training program one of the objectives of the NCCP has been achieved: to develop and follow a strategy on gender mainstreaming to ensure that women and men have equal access to training and thus contribute to equal employment opportunities for women.

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