Workshop „Energy Efficiency in Industry – Incentive Mechanisms“

The RECP workshop „Energy Efficiency in industry – incentive mechanisms“ was held in Sarajevo on December 12, 2017. The workshop was organized by Foreign Trade Chamber of BiH in cooperation with the NCPP BiH programme and with the support of Environmental Protection Fund of the Federation of BiH at the premises of the Foreign Trade Chamber of BiH.

Wide range of participants, from industrial companies´ representatives, academic staff to ministry representatives attended the workshop.

Results on improving energy and material efficiency within UNIDO NCPP BiH programme were presented as well as the presentation on regulatory incentive mechanisms focusing on the consideration of the industry’s position within the legal framework and the presentation of financial incentive mechanisms, where by the potential for investing in energy efficiency in the industry through the revolving fund was presented.

During the workshop, there was discussion about the possibilities and directions for improving and wider application of measures to improve energy efficiency in industrial enterprises. The focus of the discussion was the new Law on Energy Efficiency as well as the existing Environmental Protection Law with the revolving fund financing mechanism.

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