UNIDO NCPP BH national coordinator, dr Sanda Midžić Kurtagić, participated at the 8th Ministerial Conference of Environment for Europe (EfE) on 08-10 June, in Batumi (Georgia)

image002The EfE process as a political framework presents a unique partnership format of member States within the ECE region, organizations of the United Nations system represented in the region, other intergovernmental organizations, Regional Environment Centers, non-governmental organizations, the business sector and other representatives of civil society.

The EfE process and the Ministerial meetings in this framework, which take place every three to five years, provide a high-level platform for stakeholders to discuss, decide and join in efforts addressing environmental priorities across 56 countries of the ECE region, and serve as a regional pillar of sustainable development.

Greening the economy, an approach to foster a healthy economy while ensuring environmental sustainability and social equity, are the main themes of EfE.

image001 (1)Together with the Mr. Senad Oprašić, MOFTER, Head of Delegation of Bosnia and Herzegovina, the National Coordinator participated at the side event of the EfE – “Towards a Circular Economy in South East Europe- Resource Efficient and Cleaner Production (RECP) for Inclusive and Sustainable Industrial Development (ISID)”. The side event was organised by the United National Industrial Development Organization (UNIDO), and brought together experts from international organizations and the South East Europe regional network National Cleaner Production Centres (NCPCs) to showcase examples and best practice of Resource Efficient and Cleaner Production, with a focus on sustainable tourism, chemical leasing and low carbon production.

The regional network promotes the increased application of a sectoral RECP approach and innovative business models in established NCPCs in the region. UNIDO, together with the NCPCs, is promoting the application of RECP and innovative business models to accelerate the transition towards circular economy in SEE, helping countries to achieve inclusive and sustainable industrial development and achieve the Sustainable Development Goals.

Dear ladies and gentleman,

Thank you very much for the opportunity to address this meeting. Bosnia and Herzegovina is currently implementing the national RECP program under the UNIDO Framework.

Therefore, the RECPnet is of great importance for us as it allows us to exchange information and knowledge and learn from the others.

As I have heard from our national RECP program coordinator Ms Sanda Midžić, we have 10 companies involved in the RECP program. They have successfully identified a number of measures to improve resource efficiency and reduce waste flows.  However, they are also calling for the application of circular economy measures, which is beyond the companies’ level.  

The implementation of circular economy requires a comprehensive approach and involvement of all stakeholders. 

Thus, we would like to address those challenges through further cooperation with UNIDO and the RECPnet.

I hope that we will have this opportunity.

Thank you very much.


Senad Oprašić, Head of Delegation of Bosnia and Herzegovina, MOFTER

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