Banja Luka and Sarajevo, 11-15 April, 2016 – third round of company visits

The third round of company visits were organized on 11 -15 April. 20 selected local experts participated in the company visits. The following companies were selected for RECP observation:

1. Sarajevska Pivara, Sarajevo (brewery and beverage factory)
2. Heilderberg Cement, Kakanj (cement industry)
3. Prijedorčanka, Prijedor (fruit processing)
4. Prevent textile, Visoko (textile industry)
5. Madi, (poultry slaughterhouse and processing)
6. Menrpom (Tuzla), (poultry processing)
7. Bentoprodukt, Šipovo (bentonite processing)
8. Colorit, Banja Luka (dye manufacturing)
9. Biser, Banja Luka (bakery)
10. Atlantik BB, Banja Luka (printing)

The company teams and local experts discussed the RECP baseline indicators, data collection and opportunities to improve RECP. The national experts were coached during the visits by the international experts Mirko Lešnjak and Marijan Tušar, and the National Coordinator dr Sanda Midžić Kurtagić.

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