2nd training on RECP and company visits


The second training for national experts in RECP methodology and technique and company visits were organized on 14-18 March in Banja Luka and Sarajevo, at the premises of University of Banja Luka (Technological Faculty) and Enova, Sarajevo. 20 selected local experts participated in the training provided by international experts Mr. Mirko Lešanjak and Mr. Tomaž Fatur. The training covered six modules of the RECP course, including the following:

– RECP options for energy efficiency
– RECP options for water and effluents
– Feasibility analysis
– Environmental management
– EMS systems
The national experts took a test in RECP methodology and technique.

Following the training, the national experts visited 10 selected demonstration companies for introducing themselves to the companies’ managements and undertaking first RECP observations in the companies.

Post Author: Edmir Prasovic

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