1st training on RECP and company visits

A two-day training was organized in Sarajevo and Banja Luka from 8 to 12 February 2016, aimed at training the participants on the UNIDO RECP concept that addresses three sustainability dimensions including production efficiency, environmental protection and social enhancement. The training was followed by company visits in order to demonstrate company assessments to the participants and to give the experts the possibility to prepare for the forthcoming practical assessments.

With the support of UNIDO, the training was organized by the National Consortium consisting of ENOVA d.o.o. Sarajevo and the University of Banja Luka’s Faculty of Technology with the technical assistance of the National Project Coordinator, Ms. Sanda Midžić-Kurtagić. The training was provided by the international RECP consortium from Slovenia, represented by international consultants specialized for resource efficient and cleaner production, Mr. Mirko Lešnjak and Mr. Viktor Grilc.

20 selected National Experts with a related background as well as representatives of demonstration companies involved in the programme participated in the training. More specifically, the training provided a combination of in-class training on specific RECP modules and visits to  demonstration companies.

In order to showcase the assessment in a practical manner, company visits were arranged to the brewery and beverage factory Sarajevska Pivara d.d (Sarajevo), and the manufacturer of paints, varnishes, facades for all finishing work in construction, COLORIT d.o.o. (Banja Luka).

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