NCPP cooperation with the University of Sarajevo

On 20 May 2016, a group of students of the Faculty of Agricultural and Food Sciences within the University of Sarajevo visited the industrial plant Menprom d.o.o – one of the 10 plants that participate in the National Cleaner Production Program.

The visit was organised in the framework of the master’s degree course on Water Quality Management in Food Industry. Assistant professor Irem Silajdžić, one of the experts in the Program, organized a lecture on environmental diagnosis of industrial processes based on UNIDO RECP methodology. Following the lecture, students had the opportunity to implement a “walk through” technique with the aim of collecting data necessary to analyse water consumption and develop a water balance for the plant.

In this manner, the NCPP program established cooperation with the higher education sector in B&H, with the ultimate aim to include RECP as a permanent course in regular academic curricula of this Faculty.

Post Author: Edmir Prasovic

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